Crossroads Technology Park
Union City, CA

Crossroads Technology Park is a 325,000 SF, four building, Office and R&D project located in Union City, CA. The project serves as the corporate headquarters for Abaxis Inc (155,000 SF), corporate headquarters for Ariat International (approx. 100,000 SF), and Bank of America (SF square feet). Woodstock acquired the property partially completed and then implemented tenant improvements and successfully leased and stabilized the project.

The following tenants are currently located at Crossroads Tech

  • 325,000 SF
  • Office/Lab/R&D
  • Role:
    • - Managing Partner
    • - Property Management
    • - Asset Management
    • - Leasing
  • Status: Current Woodstock Portfolio
    •                FULLY LEASED

Woodstock Development
330 Primrose Rd. Suite 203
Burlingame, CA 94010

Contact Information

330 Primrose Road, Suite 203
Burlingame, California 94010

Phone: 650.579.1901

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